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About Us

The Taj Mahal welcomes you to experience the taste of exotic flavors of authentic Indian cuisine. We offer delicacies of Northern India. Our exotic flavors are imported from India.

Most people are misinformed that our food is unbearably spicy. Let us reassure you that the spices can vary according to your liking. Each of our dishes are always prepared fresh. From curry dishes to authentic tikka masala, there is something for everyone on our menu.

Most of our Indian dishes are prepared in a clay oven called “The Tandoor.” The Tandoor is a charcoal fired clay oven. Cooking dishes in the tandoor gives them a distinct, special flavor.

Our cuisine is available for meal takeaway, catering, and delivery. To learn more about our Indian event catering or takeout options, contact us at (530) 722-9551.

Image by Atharva Tulsi
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